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Notable events
Death of archaeologist Heinrich Kleemann
Destruction or death of all Valhalla guards
Final defeat of the Barbarians in the main part of Paraworld
Norsemen (formerly)
Druids (formerly)
Stone Golems (formerly)
Stone Killers (formerly)
Undead Warriors (formerly)
Valhalla or Walhalla is an ancient and mystical Norsemen temple complex, abandoned and all but forgotten, only being mentioned in old legends of scriptures. After its abandonment, Barbarians settled around it and its obelisks.

Heinrich Kleemann developed an obsession with finding and entering Valhalla, which he eventually succeeded in doing.



Valhalla was the center of Norseman belief for as long as they lived in the Icewastes. As the encroaching winter forced the Norsemen to move south, Valhalla lived on in memory and legend as the place to which famous warriors went in the afterlife.

Before the last of the Druids left its sacred halls, they sealed the city, protecting it against desecration with their mightiest spells until the day their descendants would return with the spring to once again fill the icy halls with warmth and life.

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