Pirate Captain

The Pirate Captain is a minor antagonist in Paraworlds campaign mode. He is the leader of the Pirates who ally with the Society for the Exact Alternative Sciences to attack the Holy City. Ingame, he is simply a pirate redesign of a level five Samurai, based on the Sumo Wrestler's model.

The captain first appears in The Holy City, in which he wields Heinrich Kleemann's blue-aura sabre. He appears in cutscenes, but not ingame, and escapes at the end of the level. He appears ingame in The Water Temple, this time only a level two Samurai, and is presumably killed by Nikolaj Taslow's Taslow Towers.

The captain also makes an ingame appearance in A Cold Day in Hell. If the player chooses not to go through the ice pike valley, they will encounter him and a group of Ninjas, though he is treated as a regular Samurai. Oddly, he can be killed here, despite the level taking place before The Holy City. The leader of the pirates in the cutscenes for this level is a regular pirate version of a lower-level Samurai.

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