Associated units
•Amicable (flees when attacked)
•Large herbivore
•400 HP
•25 damage

Megaloceros is a passive wild animal found in the Northlands and the Icewastes. It is the base animal for the Norseman Scout and Chariot. Due to its passive nature, weakness, and ubiquitousness, it is typically the main food animal of the Northlands.

Official descriptionEdit

Megaloceros giganteus, often called the Irish Elk, is an extinct deer found throughout Europe during the Pleiocene, Pleistocene and Holocene. Standing approx. 2 meters at the shoulder and weighing in at over 700 kg it had the largest antlers ever recorded - a full 4 meters in width.

Associated unitsEdit


Unit Icon Image Cost Tooltip Requirements
Scout Scout Norseman Scout

•Weak mounted unit


•Ineffective against buildings and vehicles

•Excellent vision

Epoch 1
Chariot Chariot Norseman Chariot

•Weak mounted unit


•Ineffective against buildings and vehicles

•May carry an additional infantry unit

Epoch 2

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