Hero Heinrich Kleemann

Kleemann Zombie

Kleemann cinematic

Kleemann Icon

Epoch 1Poisons enemies in close combat
Epoch 2Skull bonus aura
Epoch 3Special move: Headshot
Epoch 4Norsemen receive Undead Warrior
Dustriders receive Skull Protector
Dragon Clan receives Shiprepair
Epoch 5Ships and vehicles get cheaper
Voiced by
Steve Kramer (English)
Have you ever heard of the Trojan Horse? Great trick. One can learn much from it. Be careful that nothing similar ever happens to you.

Heinrich Kleemann is an antagonist in Paraworlds campaign mode, as well as an infantry hero unit playable only in Valley of the Gods, in which he is also a boss. In the Boosterpack, he is playable in two more campaign missions (as a protagonist) and multiplayer mode.



A Cold Day in HellEdit

Operation NeptuneEdit

The Water TempleEdit

Valley of the GodsEdit

The ProphetEdit

Special skillsEdit

Buffs and area effectsEdit

Special move: HeadshotEdit

New units and buildingsEdit

Norsemen: Undead WarriorEdit

Dustriders: Skull ProtectorEdit

Dragon Clan: ShiprepairEdit


When selectedEdit

  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Go, go!"
  • "May we go now?"
  • "What seems to be the problem?"
  • "Have you ever heard of the Trojan Horse?"
  • "Great trick."
  • "One can learn much from it."
  • "Be careful that nothing similar ever happens to you."

When ordered to moveEdit

  • "This way!"
  • "I know the way!"
  • "I'll scout the area!"
  • "I shall lead you to your goal."

When ordered to attackEdit

  • "Brilliant!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Out of the way!"
  • "I'll take care of it."

Special moveEdit

  • "Headshot!"
  • "In my sights!"
  • "An excellent shot!"
  • "Already eliminated!"


  • "No, no my friend. That doesn't work that way."
  • "I refuse!"

When producedEdit

  • "Kleemann vill show you the way!"

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In real lifeEdit

Kleemann Schliemann

Heinrich Kleemann compared with the real life Heinrich Schliemann

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