The ExecutionerEdit


The Executioner

The Executioner is a steam powered battle machine produced by SEAS in the Garage,

made of hardened red and black metal, typical for SEAS machines.

It is a strong, two-legged robot, designed for melee combat. Its appearance is based on a human body, but the over-all construction height is around 5.5 meters.

The Executioner has two long legs allowing it to walk long distances with moderate speed. It is also armed with two long arms, ended with huge hands,designed for penetrating enemy armor and crushing flesh, machinery and even light armoured buildings. The Executioner's head is big enough to fit torso of the robot's pilot. On it's back, there are two solid cannisters, which might be filled with hot water or steam itself to deliver energy to the machine.


The Executioner is one of the most powerful SEAS machine, next to the Executioner MK-II. It has pretty decent attack damage with powerful armor penetration bonus. The unit's attack speed is moderate, same as almost all other SEAS machines. Its defensive statistics are good for a 4th epoch unit, especially in addition to big amount of health points.

It's vision is slightly lower than average for SEAS machines.

The Executioner is very strong, what explains its big cost in resources and late game availability.

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