Arch Druid Hero

Arch Druid

Arch Druid Icon

Magical staff
Epoch 1Heals himself
Epoch 2Heals own and allied units in nearby vicinity
Epoch 3Special move: Animal Healing
Epoch 4Norsemen recieve Magic Cauldron
Dustriders recieve Scarecrow
Dragon Clan recieve Fire Cauldron
Epoch 5Enhanced healing
Voiced by
Steve Kramer or David Lodge (English)
The mammoths are dying. This... I... feeeeel...

– The Arch Druid.

The Arch Druid is an infantry hero unit who appears as a supporting character in the mission Druid Island. Although he makes no further appearances in the plot, he is available in the army planner in every subsequent mission except The Arena.



The last of his kind, the Druid is a wise man who lives in tune with nature and the world around him.
He lives alone on an island, where he keeps the old traditions alive and watches over the holy mammoths. He is the last descendant of a line of wise men and women who have served the Norsemen's spiritual needs throughout the ages. His girlfriend disappeared long ago, and he is troubled, wondering what fate might have befallen her. [In a side quest players can hunt a group of aggressive sabertooth tigers, where they eventually find an item of hers, thus explaining her fate].

Druid IslandEdit

The offworlders Anthony Cole, Béla Andràs Benedek, and Stina Holmlund come to the Arch Druid's island to ask for his help in returning home. He immediately knows why they have come, but refuses to help on account of a tribe of Dustrider poachers hunting the holy mammoths he cares for. The goals of the mission are thus to rescue the mammoths from the poachers, then destroy the poachers camp. After this, he consults the oracle and sends the offworlders south to meet a man "with a key to open the gate to [their] world".

Special skillsEdit

Buffs and area effectsEdit

Special move: Animal HealingEdit

New units and buildingsEdit

Norsemen: Magic CauldronEdit

Dustriders: ScarecrowEdit

Dragon Clan: Fire CauldronEdit


When selectedEdit

  • "I believe."
  • "I feel the power."
  • "I can see it."
  • "I will help you."
  • "I am in your debt."
  • "Everything dies."
  • "I am not a vegetarian. I... just don't eat fish."
  • "No eggs, no fish."
  • "Well, plants have a soul too, you know."
  • "Nothing that casts a shadow."
  • "Exactly!"

When ordered to moveEdit

  • "Of course."
  • "It is an honour."
  • "With both feet on the ground."
  • "My confidence grows."
  • "You will guide the way."

When ordered to attackEdit

  • "Feel my power!"
  • "My power is yours!"
  • "I will teach you."
  • "The world carries me."

Special moveEdit

  • "With the power of nature..."
  • "May the spirits aid us."

When producedEdit

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