•Neutral (fights back when attacked)
•Large herbivore
•5000 HP
•20 damage

Apatosaurus is a neutral wild animal found in the Jungle.

Official descriptionEdit

The Apatosaurus or "deceptive lizard" was a large herbivore found in North America during the late Jurassic period. Growing to lengths of 20 m they weighed up to 30,000 kg.

Palaeontology Edit

Apatosaurus is one of many sauropods found in the Morrison Formation in North America. When compared with its relative, Diplodocus, it is a shorter and heavier dinosaur, with sturdier leg bones and vertebrae. However it also had airsacks within its vertebrae to make its neck and tail lighter and allow it to graze from both trees and the ground. Like Diplodocus, it had peg shaped teeth and couldn't chew, so instead swallowed stones to mash food within its stomach. Apatosaurus had a troubled history with Brontosaurus, until in 2015 when Brontosaurus was found to be a more primitive sauropod.

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